29 Jun 2009

Sejarah Ringkas Kampung Chulek

Kampung Chulek or Chulek is a traditional Malay village located to the eastern side of Gopeng, very near to the hillside. It is one of many other villages located here on the east side. Many of the houses here maintained its originality without any interference of ultra modern architecture. Everybody in here is Rawa, a community in the Malay ethnic

Rawa Cuisine
The Kelamai and Gulai Nangka has become the signature cuisine of the Rawa community in which they mastered every inch of its details and procedures. Many tourist who joined the Gopeng Homestay Program in Gopeng will experiencing these wonderful cuisine. The Kelamai or pronounce as Kelamei is a sweet dark brown delicacy similar to the Lemang. It is cooked for hours inside a specifically chosen bamboo under very tedious supervision. Not to mention the complicated pre cook procedures of preparing the dowh.

Adet Berjojak or Adat Berjejak (in standard Malay) is a traditional ritual usually practiced for children. There are very detail protocols and constrains to abide upon completion.